A Footprint to remember

(His Name is Louai)


This collection of photographs, that tells the story of a man called “Louai Al-founas”, who took the first steps in helping his downtown to recover from the scars of war. As he used his own bulldozer, risking his life for the purpose of supporting his own community recover.

(How it Began)


When the war started to calm down a bit by bit, he went and started cleaning the area, operating his own vehicle for free, that had been damaged multiple times by UXOs. He started to support the return of IDPs by removing the rubbles that used to secure the roads to the area.


(Each First Light)


He used to wake up early in the morning, making arrangements with the authorities, to let him start his work. Louai talked to me about how he was passionate to start the day of making smiles when people see him getting started to work in their neighborhood and support them to get back home.

(A Hearo was Crowned)


Louai became a local figure to the community of the destroyed downtown, as he encouraged them, to start the clean-up themselves. This had encouraged a number of people and CSOs to arrange campaigns that would support the recovery of the area and see it happen actually.


(In the mid of Hardship)


A community member said “I remember when I called him, I was worried because it was in the first week of Ramadan, and as you know Libyans aren’t responsive in those days. But he wasn’t, he responded to me immediately and he was ready for our call, I remember how happy I was when he entered our street.


(Attachment to Homeland)


“I started this because I care about my neighborhood, and when I saw the destruction, I knew that I had to do something to help it recover.” Louai when asked about why he started offering his support.


(I am Willing)


With his humbleness, Louai had become a model for the community to step on their own, and do what they can to support the recovery., His page has a huge fan base, fans who support on what he does, and wish that the government would have people like him.


(His Passion)


As years had gone by, Louai still provides his support and his passion still burn inside, his passion to have normal life get back to his neighborhood.


(My Turn is Over)


“Sadly I will have to close off my facebook page, as my time of providing support is coming to an end, and now it is time for my country to support the recovery of my home and the history of our downtown.” Louai commenting about his support after 2 years.


(A Footprint to Be Remembered)


The story of Louai is a story of a hero that you won’t see in the TV channels that talk about misery in a country that is torn up by war and conflict. However, his community remembers him with a smile, his community remembers him as the hero who stood up for them when no one did.


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